Can't close "there are five main areas in studio"

That darn thing is covering my studio work page, and I can’t find a way to close it: Larry

It would be a good idea if you post a screen shot and explain what you are trying to close.

I updated my Topaz studio, and when it opened, it now has a full screen page that is headed by " Get to know the interface ". there is no way I can find to close it, and go on into studio: Larry

Make sure the window is large enough, i.e. full screen, and you will see the option to Close with the button on the right, make sure the ‘Show on Startup’ on the left is un-clicked. If you ever want to see it again choose Help -> Product Tour

Thanks’ That page on my screen covers the whole monitor. I see from the attachment you sent, that I am not seeing the bottom at all. I guess I’ll have to change resolution to make it smaller so I can make the changes you suggested: Larry


On my laptop, I can do nothing with this. The edge resize arrows do nothing - except the upper right one crashes the program. Even maximized in the screen, the link to close this screen is not visible. What a mess!

Try Alt + F4 (Windows) or Command + W (Mac).

Drag the app window down until you can see a corner and then resize it with the mouse until all of the app is in the display screen. Then you should have access to all functionality including using either File->Exit, Exit button bottom right and the red “X”.

Wouldn’t drag that far - no where to grab it after the banner is out of
sight. I finally had to change my screen resolution to force it all on the

Kim Sosin