Canon RebelT6(1300D) ISO Samples

Link for Raw Files

Above are ISO Results For Showing Noise Decending Order.

What is this thread about? What is the purpose of posting these images?

Purpose is Related DenoiseAI Review.Use Raw Link Blend Raw File With Raw Photo .
To Produce Photo Results Arte supposed all Black in each ISO.Invert And Use As Background.Run With Denoise AI See if produces Correct Photo :slight_smile:Camera Is Listed Above.F Stop Was 30 Sec Lense cover on,Used Each Iso in Camera.

Long Exposure Article

JS, I don’t think these are useful for anyone. There is no image. If you want to test programs on noise reduction then take pictures of a still life scene with your camera set to various ISO (100, 400, 800, etc). there have already been discussions about using AI Clear, Denoise AI, etc. You can search on Noise to see a list of these.

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AW, Those aw only JPEG on this site I made I photo Shop File that was Good And put The Noise Photo blend with it Than Denoise to Test Denoise AI.An Example is Taking Night Photos With Long Exposure Like Some Posted in the Beta Forum.:slight_smile:I use Raw File For the Test Not Jpeg.