Canon new CR3 Raw format

I have the new Canon M50. Great little camera. Canon used it to introduce a new raw format called CR3.

Are there any near-horizon plans to add support for this format?

By the way, if you need some sample images at the various builtin Raw sizes (SOOC) let me know and I’ll create a dropbox for you with a few.

Hi Steve,

DPP does currently support the CR3 format but because the Canon CR3 format is mainly based on the ISO Base Media File Format (ISO/IEC 14496-12), with custom tags, therefore it isn’t based on the TIFF format any longer. Unlike TIFF the offsets are not absolute, they are relative to the start of the data block for each directory.

It may take a while but is a far superior format to the CRx TIFF based formats because it is a QuickTime-based format that gives lossless compression with far superior compression and the C–RAW format is 40% smaller in file size than conventional RAW, and it corresponds to in–camera RAW development and digital lens optimizer.

So I would suspect that it may take a little longer as even the major RAW processing applications don’t support it. I simply recommend to others that they use DPP to generate a TIFF and process with that in the meantime.


I didn’t follow that. Your first sentence starts with “DPP does not currently support the CR3 format…” and the last is “ … recommend to others that they use DPP to generate a TIFF…”

Did you have a different raw editor in mind on that last line?

The comment says ‘DPP does currently support’


For some reason I couldn’t open my first CR3 in DPP. This morning it worked fine (maybe the reboot helped?) Anyway, this works for now, even tho the tiff is 3x larger

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Just a heads up that Adobe has released preliminary support for CR3 images with the Camera RAW/Lightroom releases today.

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