Cannot change unit preference in Upscale Box

My main use for Gigapixel and Photo Ai is to upscale images to print in large scale, for outdoor advertising for example.

Using Gigapixel, the upscale section had more custom options, such as choosing the units you want to work with. I regularly changed the Pixels per unit ( 300ppi) and also the output height to meet the requirements of such large scale outdoor billboards.

I cannot see this option on Photo Ai. Even if it were place in an ‘Advanced’ dropdown, that would do the trick. I’ve tried to click the ‘PX’ next to both height and width to change the units, but this doesn’t work.

Please don’t say you are removing this functionality altogether, as that would be crazy for people like me who rely on it for large printed material.

Kind regards,

Hi Craig – this feature is not in Topaz Photo AI yet, it’s something we do plan to add, though!

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