Cannot Achieve Acceptable Sharpening with InFocus

Hi. Using InFocus for first time but not sure if I’m using it correctly despite watching a webinar or the image I’m working on just won’t allow me to get a high quality sharpness. Either way I wanted to get some feedback but not sure who to ask so came to the forum. Can someone help me out with this? Thanks! Adrian

Welcome to the forum!

The old Topaz videos
are very good.

This was a topic on the old forum and some other people and I have had more difficulty getting good results with InFocus than with any other Topaz product, so don’t feel too bad… :wink:

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You may want to look at this video as InFocus is really only for capture sharpening and slight debluring, Detail is where you do creative and output sharpening:

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I have found that InFocus works best where there are straight lines or right angles such as doorways, windows etc. Move the navigation over a part of the image with the straight or angled lines and use unknown, set blur radius = 1 and click estimate. You should see subtle sharpness. If not move the slider up to 2 and try again. When the image looks good adjust the micro contrast and sharpening to taste then click OK. Do not move the navigator around after you attain sharpness. It seemed to me that the application uses the image detail in the navigation window to make it’s adjustments. When you move the window the effect no longer looks good.

Once I got the hang of it I was comfortable using the manual settings. I have not found it to make a drastic change, but enough to sharpen things a bit and it does improve the image detail.


Hi Ken, thanks very much for the welcome and link. Glad to hear I’m not the only one having problems with InFocus. I bought it to expressly edit some photos that will be enlarged for a photo exhibit in a few months. If I can’t get it to work for me, is there another plugin you’d recommend to achieve the sharpness I need for this? Thanks.

Hi Don, thanks very much for your reply and suggestion. I’ll take a good look at it and see how it can make a difference for me. Want to edit my images and enlarge for an exhibit in a few months time. Hopefully it will work! If you know another plugin that will do the job, appreciate your suggestion. Thanks!

Hi, thanks very much for your suggestions and observations. Will give it another try and see what I can achieve. Trying to edit my images to enlarge for an upcoming exhibit and hope this plugin will do it for me. If not, open to another suggested plugin that will do the job. Thanks!

If InFocus isn’t doing enough for you, the only other program that I know of that uses a similar technology is piccure+.
However, both programs produce subtle corrections depending on the image your working on. I use them both when needed on different image situations to get the results I want., I use them very early in post production, like after raw development. Alternatelu after noise reduction or sometimes if the image is very clean before. The earlier the better for best results. Good luck.