Cannot access plugins in Photoshop

I have Gigapixel, Sharpen, and DeNoise. I have Photoshop 22.3 - if I go to File > Automate I see one Topaz product only (Gigapixel) and it’s greyed out.

I’ve tried the following:

– I followed the instructions here: Topaz Labs
– From DeNoise, I went to Help > Re-install Photoshop Plugins and the command prompt window appears for about 1/4 of a second
– I reinstalled DeNoise

Any suggestions on how to access Topaz apps from Photoshop would be appreciated.

Gigapixel is the only app that appears under File>Automate - all the others are under Filter>Topaz Labs. I don’t know why Gigapixel would be greyed - you may need to raise a support ticket.

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You need to select the layer before it becomes active.

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