I painted this in Flame Painter 3 Pro then added a bit of glow and a frame in Studio.


Very cool work …

Very nice. Almost looks like light streak painting using long open shutter times.

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I must try and master Flame Painter - this looks marvellous!!!

Like most computer painting you need to use a pen tablet (Like Wacom). I don’t know if they have a version for iPads where you can use your finger.


Great work, very creative, it really looks alive!

I am not sure how the matte is partially covering the artwork on the top, left and bottom, was that intentional?

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Thanks Ken. The matte overlaps the picture a bit and I could only paint it back out (which was not easy due to shading) so I just decided to let the candle slightly come out of the matte instead. I’m just using the simple version not the Pro frame.

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Thanks for the explanation, you did a very nice job on that.

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Wow, this is so cool!

Thanks everyone for the comments. To get the frame to fit a bit better I could have enlarged the black canvas of the picture (just more time). I will post more artwork that I did.

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Very cool & creative work done on this.