Cancel AI Sharpen

The developers added a Cancel button to AI Sharpen to stop the image write, but it does not seem to work on my system. I clicked on the mouse on my system when the screen saver was on and found that the mouse click pressed the Apply button and AI Sharpen started to write the image to disk. I then tried to cancel the Apply operation but had no success.

Has anyone else seen this?

What type of computer system are you using? Just so if someone reads this they’ll know what to try to simulate (Make/Model/OS)… In what mode were you using Sharpen AI (standalone or plugin to another host software - Ps, Lr, Corel, etc.)?

I’m using a Win 7 PC. I just tried to do a Cancel using Sharpen AI in standalone mode. I could see the Start or Cancel options once I selected the type of sharpening I decided to use (ie, after doing a Preview).

Unfortunately, the Cancel option disappeared as soon as I hit Start. Which makes it unusable if you can’t see it anymore. So the image had to process (as it did). There was no option for me as a user - like you - to stop it.

That is a bug that should be reported via the Topaz Tech Spt page. You should do so and include the info I asked you about in the 1st paragraph of my response above.

I’m going to do the same. If they get enough reports of the same issue from different people and know which types of systems are experiencing the issue, they’ll be able to troubleshoot it and fix it.

Take care. Happy photo processing…

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I am working on a MacBook Pro Running Mojave (10.14). I was calling AI Adjust from a workflow tool (Dxo’s PhotoLab 2) using a tiff as the transfer type.

In my case the Cancel button remained visible when Apply was (accidentally) pressed, and repeated attempts to press the Cancel button had no effect. I assume the purpose of the Cancel button was to stop an executing Save, but perhaps the developers intended it only as a way to quit the app without saving. Some time ago I had asked for a way to stop a Save and when the Cancel showed up I assumed that was it. Perhaps my assumption was wrong.

Ah, okay. In your original post above you talked about Sharpen AI (not Adjust AI). So that’s what I tried out and found the Cancel button going away situation.

In any of the AI products the developers consistently are intending for “Cancel” to mean stopping the processing of a current job. That’s the nomenclature that’s used in most photo processing softwares so they wanted to be consistent with that. “Exit” is what should take you out of a program altogether.

To be honest, I haven’t tried cancelling processing in Adjust AI… will try that too. :blush: Point is, there may be more than one issue in more than one AI product wrt trying to Cancel an actively processing job. TBD.

I just tried Adjust AI as a Ps CC plugin (I don’t have DxO Photolab to try that).

In the context of plugin filter to another software host the “Cancel” seems to cancel a user out of the Topaz Adjust AI plugin interface and back into the host - in my case Ps CC vs just cancelling an in-progress processing job and returning someone to the Controls or Presets.

Not so great b/c the settings aren’t sticky in that AI product and you’d have to start over again creating the look you wanted.

Perhaps you’d like to suggest that kind of rev (also as a Tech Spt ticket) for the developers to consider for a future update - i.e. For Topaz AI products that work as plugins the “Cancel” button (or a “Stop” button) should stop the processing of a job and return users to the AI product’s interface/workspace with all current control/preset settings intact for a user to continue making needed changes. And, an “Exit” button or File menu option should take users out of the Topaz AI product plugins and back into the user’s host program (Ps, Lr, DxO PhotoLab, Corel, etc.).

What do you think? Does that seem intuitive to you?

The Cancel button is to return to the host when using as a plugin so it will not stop processing. It isn’t available in the standalone. For those applications that allow you to stop, I think the only one is GigaPixel AI, they have a Stop button which stops the processing.

I cannot repeat that with the Windows screensavers. You should raise a support request unless it is a third-party screensaver where you should raise the request with the screensaver provider.

@MikeFromMesa I could not replicate your dilemma exactly, but I’ve run into not being able to stop processing also.

I did not notice that the AI apps did not have a stop processing button until I was working on my little travel computer which allows me to use the AI apps IF I am very patient. I’m okay with that since I know it is slightly under-powered and usually wait until I get home for any post processing. I was on this computer when beta testing Adjust AI and did request a stop processing button for that app but we really need a stop processing button for all the AI apps.

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Apparently I mis-typed. The issue was with AI Sharpen, not AI Adjust which does not take long to process on my machine. My mistake, and my apologies.

@AiDon When AI Sharpen was first released I posted asking for a way to stop the processing. As I recall someone posted that the developers were working on that. Is that incorrect? Will there be any way to stop the Sharpen processing? It takes so long that it is often more trouble than it is worth.

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You will really need to raise a Technical Support request at the main website because we are just users here. I have no recollection where that was said but you can ask if that is something they are working on in your support request. :slight_smile:



Got a response from Technical Support which says that the Cancel button should stop an image write, and giving me a link to a different version. Downloaded it, but it also does not stop a write when the Cancel button is pressed.

Tech support suggested that the problem might be that the system is too busy to recognize a cancel request.

Thx for the info.!