Can you please stop re-enabling anonymous data collection after each update?

Hi folks I think the title says it all I updated 3 times this week and I had to disable that setting which was supposed to be turned off already from a long time ago. It seem after each update in re-enables itself.

This is something we are currently looking into :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for replying, I updated straight from the app but admittedly it was after months of non-usage.
A week later I update again same thing, anonymous data collection gets rechecked again. For now it is turned off but if I ever get an update again which should happen soon with your release schedule then I will gladly let you know.

Why are you so concerned about ANONYMOUS data collection?

I can understand that this is a personal preference, but it makes no sense whatsoever. Any program collects user data, it’s all for monitoring purposes to improve products in the future, nothing wrong with that. Not allowing data collection is worse for you, because if there is a bug that affects you exclusively, it may never be fixed because the developers will not be aware of it. No personal information is collected, or anything that relates to you. Anonymous data collection means just that, so there is nothing to worry about.

If you are able to understand the logic, I encourage you to leave this option enabled. The more of us who have these features enabled in the programs, the better these programs will be.

Please sincerly xD there is an option and the choice is offered to me, if they don’t want me to have a say on that then they should not make it an option but rather a part of their privacy policy you defending this right now really does not make a lot of sense with all due respect.

Almost any piece of software no matter what it is should not reset options after updates except if this is a new feature or if the change is so crucial that it requires doing so.

I understand some of the benefits certain forms of telemetry can allow but I think software can make progress without that and allowing such forms of intrusions where the user opted out is not good practice.

Its better for the reputation of the software and the community overall to allow users to freely choose. That is if you don’t want topaz to become the next adobe or dvdfab.

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Do you use any type of registry cleaner like CCleaner? We were unable to recreate this behavior and everything seems to be set up correctly. If you do run into this again, please let me know :slight_smile:

no I don’t but for sure I will let you know on the next update if this occurs again, thanks for your time.

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