Can you go back to correct an error?

Lets say you’re using Lightroom>Edit In>Topaz Clarity etc. Then during the edit in topaz clarity you miss something, perhaps a mask brush stroke that is incomplete. It is not readily apparent until you’ve hit ‘ok’ and are now back in LR with a .tiff file.

Is it possible to go back into Topaz Clarity, with all the same adjustments in the mask made earlier and correct the error? Kinda like how in LR you can be in Develop mode and either reset the whole thing or continue where you last left off.

No because the effect is applied to the TIFF before returning to Lightroom and LR cannot recognize Studio Project files. This is no different to using any other external editor from LR unless it is say a Photoshop Smart Object which is unique to LR/Photoshop combination.

Yeah, thought so, dang.

Is this the same if I edit with my plugins via Topaz Studio instead of LR? Could I in theory fire up Studio and get back to where I was last left off?

Yes, plugins are external to Studio so a new file is created if external plugins are called. Only exceptions so far are Clarity, Impression and Detail plugins which have been updated and also added to Studio as Adjustments.

From within Studio could it be saved as a project file before you apply all the changes and then save as a Tiff? You could later delete the project file if you do not need it.
This uses up more storage space but it would provide you with a fall back. I could see this happening if you re editing and need the approval of someone else before the image is finally done.

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