Can you add opacity and masking to AI Sharpen someday?

I’m not crazy about the results I’ve had so far - lots of strange grainy effects, artifacts, and fringing. Adding a way to reduce the opacity and mask out unwanted areas might help. Maybe add a portrait mode. Skin seems to fare very badly in AI Sharpen.

Right now I’m working on beach photos and get colors appearing in the sand. I mask them out in PS, but it’s an annoying flaw.

Sorry to complain about something I got as a free upgrade, but the program needs work.


I agree. I would like masks in all the plug-ins, like in Topaz Detail 3. It would be very convenient to use a plug-in on a Photoshop smart object and mask within the plug-in instead of having to duplicate layers or make another smart object in order to use the smart object mask.

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I agree!!