Can we install macOS 12 Monterey safely?

I fondly (NOT) remember the launch of Big Sur a year ago.

There was no information on Topaz Software having problems on Big Sur, so I installed it and just afterwards I found that some apps had problems, and others refused to launch at all.

After release there was a PSA by Topaz Labs not to install Big Sur yet.

So, I’d like to know before updating if everything is safe and tested?

As this is a user to user forum, unless someone has loaded the OS there will not be a reply. If you want tech support raise a support request at the main website.

I upgraded to Mac OS Monterey 12.0.1 and had no problems with Studio 2 as a plugin with PS Elements 2021. Then I upgraded to Mac OS 12.1 and the Studio 2 plugin for PS Elements did not work, so I upgraded Studio 2 to version 2.3.2 and imported the new Studio 2 plugin (as described by Topaz). Now the plugin exits me from PS Elements to the stand alone version of Studio 2, which is much more work and has disturbed my work flow. Beware upgrading to Mac OS Monterey 12.1 until Topaz fixes this.

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I just got a new MBP 14 m1 with monterey already installed, and Im unable to use Adjust ai

Not sure about the official stance on this, but I think going forward only SharpenAI, DenoiseAI, GigapixelAI and VideoEnhanceAI are supported by Topaz… AdjustAI is pretty much dead by now :persevere:

well shit… any good substitute plugins you’d recommend for enhancing images in photoshop?

I suspect that opening PS via Rosetta will allow Adjust AI to run. The host must use Rosetta to make it available to Adjust AI.

I tried it on the beta version of Ventura and all topaz apps fail. why can’t the topaz labs developers use beta versions to test their product and get ahead of the issues like developers of other major Mac developers?instead they just blame the beta and I’ve wasted my money