Can Video Enhance AI sharpen video?

Is there a way to sharpen video (like sharpen AI does for images) without changing resolution?
Right now I use sharpen AI to sharpen video that is saved as image sequences, then put those images back into a video. There should be an easier way.

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I use Photoshop to break video frames into jpegs, batch the jpegs via PS, then use VirtualDub to stitch back into a video.


Sure. If you use the Proteus model (or Theia, for that matter), there are separate sliders for both sharpening and detail recovery. Just experiment with those while setting the output resolution to 100%. There are also sharpening algorithms in freeware like DaVinci Resolve which are pretty good.


I forgot to say the thing I want to sharpen is an out of focus talking head (it’s an interview video) so I need some sort of AI face sharpen.

You don’t have to change resolution to use ANY model.

I usually use the first pass for cleaning up the video and use the second for upscaling. I have to use two-pass for most 80s and 90s TV on DVD.

Why in 2 steps? Do you use different AI models for cleaning and upscaling?

I often need two steps because the source material was just put on DVDs.

It wasn’t necessarily cleaned up.

The first model I use depends on the material, but I always finish with Artemis HQ for the upscaling to 1080p.

The only DVDs that I am upscaling that don’t need serious work are my super-bit version of “The Fifth Element” and (though I haven’t done then yet) the “Back to the Future” Trilogy.

For some vintage DVD, the original material has some vertical ghosting line (or color band) (not sure how you will call it officially), how would you pick your first model in this case?

well I can say this. One of the 80s DVD series that is not great quality is The Golden Girls. Let me just say that using 100% denoise/deblock is a massive improvement… Even when it’s done…I run it back through handbrake using slow HEVC then and audio back. The final file size is 300 to 500 MB…It’s crazy how much better it looks. I don’t have the patience to run it back through again. It already takes long enough. I just wish I had a more powerful desktop…can someone recommend a desktop tower I can use specifically for this? Something that’s available and doesn’t cost a fortune? Thanks

@mark40511 specifically, which model did you use for “The Golden Girls”? I only see the option of ‘noise’, but not sure which model is the best for denoise/deblock. Thanks.

well if you’re doing it from remux’s of DVDs, you would click the dropdown at the top that says clean up old interlaced footage…but in my case, I ripped my DVD’s long ago and converted them to 480p CF 16 using handbrake. So mine were already deinterlaced. Since mine were already deinterlaced and I just chose “clean up old progressive footage”… I tested it and previewed it…they looked good. That preset uses Artemis LQ…Additionally…I moved the H.264 slider down to like 13 because the files are so large after they are done, that I run them back through handbrake on a SLOW preset. I’m not trying to make them HD quality. I just want them cleaned up and I add some grain…I’m new at this, so I’m sure an expert at this would use different settings…but they look 10x better on my big screen. When the files are done, each episode is around 3 to 3.5 gigs…Once I run them through handbrake converting them to H.265, each file is 300 to 500 MB… I also turn audio OFF because I add that back later… There are a few episodes is season 5, 6 and 7 that are particularly blurry - even straight from the DVD’s…it made those looks 20x better IMO

Theia is very good with the oprions 0 90 0, but create a screening effect, like a net. Some of you know how to remove the screening effect?