Can the Topaz Video AI help with enhancing 6k Insta360 videos?

I recorded a 360 video using Insta360 One RS 1-inch, which records up to 6k at 30fps… I exported it from the native .insta file format into H264 at the highest possible allowed bitrate, and then directly view it as a .mp4 file with the skybox VR app inside of my Quest 3 headset… it looks good but I wish it looked better…

Question is can Topaz Video AI be used to process and enhance 360 videos? especially if it is already natively “6k”? I don’t need the resolution to be higher, just for the video to look sharper, clearer, and better etc

yt RBo671lapyk

Yes Video AI can handle 360 video but it will flatten it to a 2d video plane and process it that way and export it back out in the same 2d plane. You will need to use a third party app to add back in the tags to make it 360 again. Something like this: Releases · google/spatial-media · GitHub

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