Can the topaz ffmpeg redistributables be updated please?

The current redistributable hosted on Topaz’s github (I can’t link to it due to the form rules) are over a month old and latest was for version - we’re now on 3.3.8.
Can we get an update please?

Is there anything in particular from the git updates you think needs bringing into topaz ?

Not from the ffmpeg side - I’m talking about the topaz re-dist side. The libs from topaz provided are binaries that are required to be used when compiling ffmpeg with topaz vf support. The note on the current version advises that the redist libs are from version of VAI.

Sorry, I have should have also said that making binaries versions of the libraries available to Topaz users is required under the LGPL license.
It would be great if they were released at the same time as the actual Topaz VAI application so that users of Topaz VAI can roll their own ffmpeg binaries while taking advantage of the newer features in any VAI updates.


These are the latest: Release Topaz Video AI Redistributable · TopazLabs/FFmpeg · GitHub

Just to follow up on Ida’s post here: the libs should be ABI compatible with the current release, you should just use the DLLs or dylibs included with the released version rather than the copies in the redistributables archive after you’ve compiled.

If they’re not compatible for some reason, do let me know and I can see what’s happened and get an updated copy posted.

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Just to confirm are you saying compile ffmpeg ( I compile weekly from git )
Then use ffmpeg and ffprobe from my compile but using the .dll’s that come with VEAI ?
Or are you talking about compiling from the topazlabs github ?

You will want to compile from our fork on our GitHub with the --enable-tvai option. Usually you’ll want to grab the topaz/develop branch, though at the moment topaz/revert might be slightly more stable.

Once you’ve compiled using the redistributables, you should just be able to drop your new ffmpeg, ffprobe, and associated DLLs in over the ones in the current version of the application. As far as I’m aware the changes between (3.3.2 beta) and (3.3.2-3.3.9) were limited to login.exe, which isn’t used during the ffmpeg compile process.


Thank you, I’ll test and give feedback at the weekend.

Hi Greg - thanks for the initial reply - perfect!. Also, I’m guessing you’re the Greg in the ffmpeg header - thanks for all the work you do.

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