Can some kind of color correction function be added to Photo AI?

I was wondering of some form of color correction could be added to Photo AI such as a white balance adjustment. I realize that most want to control color from an artistic point of view, but if the camera or in my case, the photographer, sometimes gets it wrong, can it be AI corrected?

Hi Debbie,

Can you also post this in the Discussion Thread for the Photo AI Roadmap?

That’s where folks are putting their feature requests (per the direction of the development team). So it may get more visibility and uplikes there too…

Here’s where to find that Roadmap thread to re-post:

What camera file format do you typical work with at the beginning of your workflow?

Thanks Fotomaker, I couldn’t post via the link you sent as it was grayed out with a null symbol, but I tried to post it on a feature request page.

For some things I shoot RAW, but usually JPEG.

Hmmm. That’s interesting. I wondered if it was because you were new to the forums (sometimes they limit new users to just reply vs create new posts). But I see you’re a beta tester.

I see that the word “Reply” under Eric Yang’s original post is grey. But I am able to click on it & generate a reply. For me, at the very bottom of the PAI Prod. Roadmap thread there’s also a bright blue button that says “Reply” and (at least for me) is also clickable to be able to add a comment/opinion.

Of course, this is a work-around until you might be able to do this in PAI, but what I do is:

~ Raw converter → fix white balance → (Tiff or Jpeg) → Topaz
~ Jpeg → fix white balance (I use Affinity photo) → Topaz

I’m new to this so I probably did something wrong. Thanks for your help.

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Thank you. I’ll try it.