Can only scale 2x now?

Seriously, what gives? I just upgraded to Gigapixel AI 7, and now I can’t scale up anymore than 2x?? Prior version I could scale up 6x? How is this an improvement?

Isn’t the upscaling dialog looking like this?


It is not! It only gives me the option to go up to 2x

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 9.14.55 AM.png

I think the maximum size an image can be enlarged to is around 32000 pixel wide. Maybe your image is already too large for more than 2 x upscale.


That seems to be the culprit. Thank you. I don’t remember this being a limitation of the previous version, but maybe I had just never worked with resolution that high until now.

Interesting… it appears to be original resolution dependent, which the previous version never was (or I never encountered it). So, for instance, if I put in a low resolution image, it lets me upres to 6x, but the higher I go in resolution, the more it lowers the option.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 at 9.14.55 AM.png

Interesting! :slight_smile:

This is correct. We will gradually remove some of the options that wouldn’t make sense if your image is already big and going to hit our max file size, which is 32k pixels on the longest side and 2 GB.

You mean tiff, 32K pix and 4 gb?

I do not. I mean any file format. 32k pixels on the longest side and ~2 GB file size.