Can I use one sharp image to upscale hundreds of very similar blurred versions?

I have 900 frames of a CGI video at 2K resolution each. I’d like to batch up-res them all to sharp 4K - based on a single sharp 4K frame in my possession. Is there a Topaz product that can do that?

No, all processing is model based and not based on existing images. You can try using GigaPixel AI or Photo AI to upscale a single image to see if it suits what you want.

Trials are available from the main website.

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Thank you. I recently purchased Photo AI because it does a GREAT job improving the resolution of the CGI frames I mention. Before proceeding, I just thought I’d check if the single original frame could be of any use.

Two follow-up questions please:

  • how do I save the particular settings that work best for me?

  • is it possible to batch process the 900 frames (to save me doing them one at a time! :smiley: )

Actually, it’s OK, I worked it out :grin: Topaz AI is awesome! :heart_eyes:

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