Can I indefinitely ignore the blue updates message

Hi, I am very happy with the final version 4 and given the magnitude of my current project and a desire for no down time and consistency from start to finish, I wish to keep using Version 4 at least until the project is done (which in my case will probably last two years). I obviously now have three updates available in the blue message icon on the top right of the screen. There does not seem to be any option in the user interface to ignore updates and suppress that message. So I am wondering if it will matter if I simply continue to ignore that message indefinitely? Or at least for a couple of years!

You can ignore the update notification if you want and you are not required to update if you do not want to. When you first open the open if you see the pop up changelog update notification, you should be able to select a length of time to snooze it if you want. The notification in the top right corner will stay there though.