Can I go back to the older version? Photo AI 3.0 UI isn't fun

Upgraded today. the presets, the UI in general. the defaults that I can’t change. all has me in a world of regret. workflow is extra slow. Each image, I need to load a preset, but only after it’s done the initial review, scan, upscale, etc. I want control over the default when I load an image or multiple images. I’ve been a Topaz customer since the beginning; but today, my frustration just leaves me with a lot of regret. I wouldn’t mind if I could just have Autopilot be the default when I open an image. And what good is a preset, if I can’t make it the default when I open the app and load an image. ??


Yes, you can go back to an older version.

Click on the version you want and note that you may have to scroll up to the first post in the thread to find the downloads.


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By the way… I haven’t used Topaz since Oct 2023… so I was using a very very old version of 2.0.3; so I might need to go back to 2.0.x :frowning: but that makes me sad…

Stick with 2.3.2, the last un*itified release. I’m using it until they fix all this.

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Thanks @WrinkleStix I’m going to down load that version. I just reverted back to 2.0.7…
as this is what UI I know well.

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I guess I just like the Radio button version of the UI. I can apply the adjustment, review, and toggle it off or make minor adjustments and review… the new UI and workflow doesn’t work for me.