Can Dione Interlaced Robust be used for progressive videos?

I want to restore an old tv series from NTSC interlaced DVDs in 1080p (at original frame rate 29.97).
I tested all models and, for me, Dione Robust is The One ! It does the most accurate enhancing, keeping the details, but I am not satisfied with the deinterlacing part. In version 3 it introduced a lot of distortion. Now, in version 4, it has improved significantly, but it’s still not perfect… And I got an idea. I do the deinterlacing separately, with a very high quality motion compensated algorithm (QTGMC - from Vapoursynth), which does not introduce any artifacts, and then I use VEAI just for what it does best: enhancing ! Ok, but now, with a progressive source, the most suitable model would be Artemis Medium Quality. Just that this model smooths everything and erase every details on the people faces, and make them look like cartoons… So, I’m left with no choices. :frowning: And I thought: How about trying Dione Robust on my progressive video as well ? I did a few previews from place to place and it looks ok. But I want an official answer, to be sure Dione Interlaced Robust can be used with progressive videos.
Thanks !

This is the original frame:

This is enhanced with Dione Interlaced Robust v4:
(look how natural it is ! :heart_eyes: )

This is enhanced with Artemis Medium Quality v13:
(looks like people have plastic faces… :disappointed_relieved:)

  • The differences can be seen better if you save the images and switch directly from one to the other.
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Dione Interlaced Robust does not frame double, and I have used it quite often on Progressive footage without an issue. The only caveat to that is I always work in image in and image out, so if there is some strangeness relating to progressive output using a video codec, I won’t be aware of it.

If it does cause an issue, ALQ8 is very similar to that model, but not available on current versions. Need to go back to v2.3 ish to use it.

Indeed… I just finished enhancing a progressive movie (after 28 hours) with Dione Robust and it seems it is ok. But I hope someone on the programming team will confirm to me that Dione Robust can also be used on progressive video.

Absolutely. VEAI doesn’t care about whether or not the video is progressive or interlaced. It’d be quite restricting if it did, especially for videos that have been converted from interlaced to progressive without deinterlacing it.

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