Can Anybody Help with this Cartoon Effect?

So… I found this incredible preset Cartoon effect that I tried to use on my Mac… Long story short, GPU wouldn’t work so I bought a new computer just for this Cartoon effect to help be more efficient in my animation series.

I can’t for the life of me find the preset as I’m assuming the creator might have deleted it since I’ve upgraded and don’t have the name of the creator (I believe it started with a J or something?).

I did however save the original, and the edited image which I’ve attached here.

Can anybody help me re-create that amazing effect? I just love the chalky semi-desaturated cartoon wavey smudged feel. I would be forever in your debt!!! I simply bought a new computer for this effect, and didn’t anticipate losing the ability to find it!

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Here is my attempt at duplicating your nice image. I think you were after the effect shown in the screen capture. Anyway, I opened the saved unnamed image in PS CS 4 to start with and resized it. Then I played with several filters to see what it did. The results are shown but the image used a bit of Molten Gold preset and then used AI Setting called Beige Sketch reduced opacity to play further. Then I played with some of the settings as shown in the screen capture. Hope this helps you out some. I get lost experimenting with Filters and presets sometimes…It is fun to experiment with images though. Maybe some one will pitch in and offer you a better solution to the lovely picture.


Have a look at this Effect. It looks a lot like what you may be looking for. Make sure you have the Public button at the top turned on…

And for future reference…when I find a public preset I like, I make a slight change and save it under My Effects so that if the originator modifies or deletes it I can still go back to it.


That is a great tip, Linda. I don’t use public presets myself, but it is a great tip to those who do.

That’s amazing. Thank you!

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Thanks for the help! Amazing job recreating the effect!

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