Calculation error on 150% & Crashing

I loaded a 1280 x 720 video into Enhance 2.61 and asked for an Artemis High Quality (its recommendation) 150% output (Win 10, HP Z840 workstation, Nvidia Quadro K4200, 64 GB RAM). Enhance calculated that to be 1720 x 1080. I can override that but why would I need to? 64,000 frames. Anyway then it crashed while Preparing AI model…! Restarted (cause it crashed) Enabled Reduce Machine Load - crash - then reduced GPU usage and restarted and still crashes while Preparing. Retried and now I get “Critical AI error - unable to run model with Index 0…” and then it crashed. Then trie d a second model and after a 5 minute wait while loading, I get the same message and then it crashed. The video file is perfectly fine - plays perfectly… Thanks for any help.