Cafe Nuit - Arles, France

Painted by Van Gogh during his residence in Arles, the Cafe Nuit is basically unchanged from his period. I took closeups of Van Gogh’s paintings in the Museum d’Orsay in Paris to get an idea how to mimic his style, starting with the Van Gogh 2 filter in Impression2.


Great capture and nice reminiscence to van Gogh’s painting.
For my taste the van Gogh presets in Studio produce too much smudge

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Which is why I use the stand alone version.

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Beautiful work and interesting discussion.

Impression is my favorite Topaz program and someday I want to see if I can recreate all of the presets I like from the stand-alone version in the studio version.

That looks like a real nice place,. Love the overall image.

Every photographer should go to the South of France.