Buying a MacBook vs building a windows rig

I have a gaming rig I built about 3 months ago but decided to scrap the idea of gaming due to lack of time. I made it up to the point of having it almost completed, but decided to hold off on the GPU at the time since I didn’t need it. I recently read that MacBooks outperform 4090 computers by a wide margin, so I was wondering if I should just use the GPU money to buy a used MacBook instead

I think you have it backwards.

AppleSilicon has great performance per Watt, yes.

But when it comes to sheer performance regardless of power consumption then a GTR 4090 can’t be beat today.

And this is even true for the M2 Ultra, not to speak about weaker chips in Laptops.

(In Topaz a typical i9 / GTR 4090 beats the M2 Ultra by a factor of 2 or more in the what I believe is the most common scenario: 2x upscale - and costs less)

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Just check benchmark sections here. It is self-descriptive…

Notebooks are not made for the hard work. If you stress these for two years the harddrive died as well as the fan/s. Video a. i. is very demanding and supporting it with a strong gaming rig should be the way to go!

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