Buttons and text are too small and are not fitting into 4k resolution

I have a wacom 16" mobile pro machine with 4k resolution. I just installed Studio and the buttons are so tiny and the text is not really usable on the side menues. For example clarity. On the right side I can see color but Hue Saturation and Brightness are over each other. Below over saturation is visible but the slider is on the word saturation and I can’t read the values next to it.

Is there a fix? When will this bug be fixed?


I have the same problem… and the side panels don’t open up either… did you ever get an answer? I also have UHD 4K resolution.

I think they will need more information on your setup including video drivers and card. I have a 32" 4K monitor and all works perfectly. I also do not recall reading of any problems lately with 4K.

I have exactly the same issue and stopeed usig Topaz for over 1 year…thought there would have been a fix by now…all drivers are up to date and the product is not usable which is very frustrating.