Build a dedicate machine to topaz

I´m using the topaz for a long time ago, and for so long i use a Intel card inside my laptop, belive or not.
i wait days and days for a 3 min video be ready and for now, i can make a better PC. my idea is use Rx6900xt and ryzen 7800x3d. for ram, i was searching about how topaz can consume memory and now i have the question

the topaz software use more ram memory frequency to do the work, or the memory frequency for the graphics card? the 3200mhz is great to start?
or a nvme with more speed is better to topaz?

i hope that all can understand cause english is not my native language, but if is not that clear, i can explain more

My test result. (mostly FHD->4K and 4K->8K AHQ)

  1. 12900K + DDR4(3600) vs 12900K + DDR5(4800 to 6400 overclocked) - DDR5 faster 20~30%
  2. memory latency : 36-36-36-67 vs 40-40-40-77 - no difference
  3. VGA(6900xt) VRAM overclock - no difference
  4. VGA GPU overclock - some difference but comsume much much more electricity (min2000-max2200 is sweet spot i found)
  5. hynix p41 NVME vs HDD - no difference when outputting mp4
  6. PCIe 4.0 16x vs PCIe 4.0 8x - no difference, 4.0 16x vs 3.0 4x - 30% difference