BUGS - Command-Line VEAI.exe (v2.2.0)

  1. BUG - Using the command-line VEAI.exe…the “-output” flag, when used, will always cause the request to fail. It always think the output path is a missing folder even if the given path is a file (e.g. “C:\Desktop\file.exe”) or a folder (“C:\Desktop”), and even if the file/folder exists – it doesn’t matter; it always causes the entire line to fail. So, to get the command line to work at all one must NOT include the “–output” flag which results in using the system’s default and which is not helpful. This was not the case in previous veai.exe versions btw. So its clearly a bug.

  2. BUG - Although the command line veai.exe says it does not support .gif one sees it DOES support gif by simply renaming the .gif to something like “.flv” which will allow the gif animation to be converted in veai.exe . So GIF is supported. So please update veai.exe command line to allow .gif extensions since VEAI does support it…just that the command line is poorly coded it doesnt realize it. Meaning, the coder seems to run a very out-dated “if” check on the file extension, not realizing the app supports GIF for a long time.

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  1. BUG: I see the --output bug as well. The previous version allowed for an output filename to be specified, but this one throws an “Error: folder “path” does not exist.” and exits. If a directory is specified, the app loads, but instantly crashes. Only leaving --output out works, and it writes the output file in the same directory as the source file.

  2. BUG: Also, the command line seems to ignore “-x, --field-order”. If I put in “bottom-first”, the UI shows “top-first” chosen. However, if I open the app and set “bottom-first” as default, then it chooses “bottom-first” when invoked by the command line.