Bug - Oversharpening over-time on still scenes with upscaling for newer ai models

Like the title says. If you use any of the newer ai models on an upscaled video, during scenes where an element stays on the screen/still for a few seconds, like title text, a logo, or a background, over-time the still object will become extremely oversharpened and start artifacting.
It seems to be more prominent with higher upscales, so upscaling from 480p to 4k makes it much more visible than 480p to 1080p, but its still there.
If you want to test, load up a video with a still background or something like a logo in it for a few seconds, upscale it to 4k and use the Artemis Alias & Moire v10 model. You’ll see it happen. It does not seem to happen with older versions of the models, only the newer ones. Artemis Alias &Moire v9 does not have this issue, only v10.

I’m on 2.6.4 and its still very much present