Broken Text

Having upgraded to 1.4.4 I thought that the previous problem of broken text had been resolved. However, having opened Studio tonight I find that the problem has returned - any suggestions to resolve this, am I the only person having problem?

What problem, can you post an screenshot please? And as it is text please post the expanded Text panel so the parameters show.


First let me clarify, it is not using Text on a photo that is the problem. It is the text under icons and on different areas of the screen, as you can see with the attached file. I have highlighted one area.

Derek McCalden

Post your image as a JPEG full size as it is difficult to see anything in the image posted.

Please don’t post your email address in a signature if you reply by email as this is a public forum.

The problem appears to be related to Mac users with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. We have a machine in the office that we’ve been using to attempt to recreate the problem with, after applying our fix. Could you please create a ticket, and send us a copy of your System Profile Report, so we can compare it to our own machines? Here’s how:

  1. Apple Menu/About This Mac/More Info…
  2. Click System Report…
  3. File/Save…
  4. Attach the file to your ticket


Thanks for reply and removing my email address, will remember that in future. I have now raised a support ticket as requested by @JoeFedric-TL. Will await outcome.

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I have the Same Problem, Broken Text - even the Large Headings. Re-starting Topaz Studio is no help. I have taken a System Report of my iMac 27’, how should I post it as I am new to this Forum.

Thanks, in anticipation of a reply,

Best way to raise problem is to raise a Support Ticket on the Topaz Support webpage and attach a copy of your System Report.

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Turning off font smoothing in system preferences fixed this problem for me.

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It looks like this is causing the problem - I’ll report it to development :slight_smile:

@stylesb Do you have an iMac? Have you had any further problems with broken text since you changed your preferences? I ask because I followed your recommendation but it made no difference to the problems I am having with the text, it is still badly broken. Not a majoor problem just a bit of a nuisance.

I do have an iMac and I’m running macos High Sierra and I think that may
be the problem. Awhile after I changed my preferences, the breakup
problem came back. I think there are known issues with High Sierra and
some Nvidia display cards, which my machine has. I checked the Nvidia
site to see if they had an updated driver but they didn’t. The only
other thing I could think of is to delete the Topaz Studio plist file
(com.topazlabs.Topaz Studio.plist) and let Topaz Studio rebuild it. So
far this is working pretty well, but occasionally I still get a few
broken words when Studio loads. None of the other software I use has
this problem, so I’m thinking it may be a Topaz Studio problem. Hope
this helps.

DMC1 wrote:

Thanks for that. Can you just clarify where you found the .plist file. I searched on my system and it showed no plist file associated with topaz studio.

users/username/Library/Preferences/com.topazlabs.Topaz Studio.plist.
Unfortunately, deleting/rebuilding the plist file wasn’t a lasting fix.
The broken text recurs intermittently and differently each time I load
the program, sometimes not occurring at all, sometimes only a little
text is broken, other times almost all text is broken making the
software completely unusable. I’ve given up trying to resolve this
myself and opened a ticket with Topaz Labs sending them several screen
shots of different areas of the interface. Hopefully, they can come up
with a fix, otherwise the software is useless to me.

DMC1 wrote:

Thank you for these additional clues. Have you considered becoming a beta tester for us? We could really use someone with your willingness to help us dig into the problems we encounter. We do have a machine that reliably recreates this issue, but having someone in the beta testing group that can help us find causes (as you’ve been so good at!) is super desirable :slight_smile:

Sure, where do I sign up? I’m on a bit of a personal crusade to
completely dump Adobe and one way I can do that is help test other tools
that can replace Lightroom/Photoshop.

Joe wrote:

I just added you to the group, thanks for your willingness to help us out. We do our best to be as responsive as possible, here, in the beta testing group, and in our social channels. We take remaining engaged as a personal challenge, one we’re determined to win.

You can find the Beta Testing group by expanding the hamburger menu (between search and your profile), and checking the Categories list - it’s at the top :slight_smile:

@JoeFedric-TL I see in your reply that you have a machine that has the same problem, are you any closer to finding an answer? Like @stylesb I find at times the program is almost impossible to use and it is spoiling my enjoyment with the program. If unable to find a resolution I may have to stop using the program. What I find strange is that there must be more than 2 members who use an Apple Imac, so are they not having the same problem? Possibly a general email to all members to see if anyone has resolved the problem (I am assuming that all members do not read every thread and may have missed this one).

Actually, the problem appears to be quite limited in scope. Yes, others have encountered the problem, but it tends to only be with NVIDIA Macs.

Prior to @stylesb pointing out his workaround, we had almost no clue what was causing it, because we don’t do anything particularly special with the labels in the application. We basically used a standard implementation, so there wasn’t anything clearly obvious to us that needed to be tested to attempt to change the result.

We have some ideas on how to address it, and the dev team is actively looking into it. If we have a potential cause, we can recreate it, and it’s on our radar already (it is), then it is bound to be fixed in a coming update :slight_smile:

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I’ve noticed that the text labels on filters and other parts of Studio are scrambled and unreadable. I was wondering if anyone else is seeing this problem.

Topaz Studio Label Text Scrambled 2.jpg

Topaz Studio Label Text Scrambled 3.jpg