Bring in iMovie capabilities

I’ve not had much experience with either Video Enhance AI or iMovie, but I could alter the appearance of videos more easily with iMovie. I could brighten scenes. I believe you can change coloring as well. Those would be neat additions. Thank you.

Imovie is a video editor, and is done for what you suggest (change colors etc…). VEAI is there to enhance a poor quality video file coming from VHS, DVD, TV, film etc… to a better one, bigger resolution, minimising the impact that such a process does, as doing this without specific processing make the video worst.

doing such work on a video to make it “better” is called Upscalling, and it was VEAI is made for.

  • it make the artifacts of changing the resolution of a video less visible and in some case, can even make it better good looking !
  • try to remove the issue related to an analog interlaced source used on DVD, old TV program, and VHS.
  • allow the possibility to fix or change the framerate of a video.
  • maybe soon fix issue of shacked video.

Coloring, changing brightness, contrast etc… is a complete other world, and must be done in a video editor (like imovie).

Maybe at some point, VEAI will work as a plugin for some video editors, but i don’t think that it will become a video editor on it own.

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