Bring back the old version

the old version split different processing modes in real time for you that was super usefull and handy the export when done was also very nice looking the new version looks terrible and i feel as though the processing is worse and there are a lot less options available i just cant seem to make my videos look better without using the old version one and there doesnt appear to be an option to predownload modules in the newer version witch sucks it seems so missing like its less than the prior program everything that did right the new program does wrong ive been updating but it seems pointless the older one allways generates a better looking video but the newer one has the mp4 export compatability and h265 the only problem was the old one allways forced full screen and the mouse doesnt line up with what your acctually clicking theres an offset, my suggestion for an enhanced feature would be node based editing and enhancement for the different modules togerther in a tree method with “bookmarking” where you could set points of witch you all want to see a comparison of processing output at the end of specific nodes inside of the tree

You have posted in the Photo AI section, is that right or do you want me to move it to Topaz Video AI section?