Bring back Load Last Auto Save

In the previous versions, when you would start up the program, you had the option to click Load Last Auto Save, and Browse… Why was this removed? Why do we have to set up our video again if we have to encode multiple, let’s say scenes from a movie. I know we have presets we can save to continue on, but Load Last Auto Save was incredibly handy to use!

Definitely a plus 1 for that. It’s been so long since I seen it I forgot it used to exist. I would figure by now it would have made it’s way back in.

Could be that I’m missing something. With earlier versions, VAI asked on startup if the last session should be restored, so it was able to save session parameters. This seems to be dropped and I cannot find anything comparable.

A feature to save and restore the entire session/workspace would be very convenient, in particular for people, who work with multiple clips in a project. Perhaps saved with a date/timestamp or, perhaps better, a user-defined name, to be able to save and restore multiple sessions?

That has not been an option in the versions I have used. So if it was it would be before VEAI 2.6.
I hope this feature is in the works. I think it’s been asked for a lot, but maybe not this eloquently.

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On video sources that are derived from analog sources, there are often problems such as frame tape dropouts ( horizontal white lines where the oxide has disappeared). Would it be possible to train the AI to recognise these and repair them.

I’d also like to be able to save a project as currently VEAI only uses the last auto-save. I often need to revisit a project so don’t want to have everything mixed up in the one project. I can then load just that client project.


It would be great if Topaz video AI had the same ability to save its queue as Handbrake does. Then, on launching the program, it should offer to restore unfinished saved items back into the queue.

Many times I have had 10-20 jobs queued only to have Topaz video AI crash unexpectedly. One time the power went out and I lost everything.

In addition, sometimes I need to close down Topaz video AI because I need to use the processing power for something else. If I do this again I lose everything.

My suggestion is to have Topaz video AI save the queue each time it begins a new job. Each time the program is launched, it should check for uncompleted items and offer to restore them.