Bring back frame count

If Topaz Video’s interface would display frame count, it would remove the guess work when continuing an upscaled project that was previously closed or crashed. Prior to 3.0, Topaz Video Enhance had a timeline that displayed fame numbers, which was ideal for every single upscale ever attempted. Although there are improvements with 3.0 that are great. I find it frustrating, to use “Trim” which essentially creates a new timeline, instead of simply choosing an “in” and “out” from a timeline that remains constant. And without the option to save a project or Making a new clip after recovering from a crash, only results in overlapping or missed frames.

agreed and i often mentioned this option. the topaz team is aware of this and promised to work on it some time ago. maybe it is not on the highest priority yet but hopefully not forgotton. :eyes:


Frame number support is now available in Video AI :slight_smile:

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