Bratislava Nightlife

Here are two scenes that I processed in the same way, using Topaz Studio as a filter in Photoshop. The first time was to adjust the colors and dynamics, the second was to add a watercolor effect (using masks in Photoshop)

A fun, free outdoor concert - processed

A fun, free outdoor concert - original

Hanging out in the streets - processed

Hanging out in the streets - original


Very nice street scenes, Ken. I especially like the first one!

Like the series! Well done!

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These are really beautiful night shots. Love the lighting.


Very nice pp work Ken …

I’m liking the illustrative look these scenes have taken on.

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You made the ordinary, great shots into extraordinary great images.


I think that @ellemat2 and @Kathy_9 comments have expressed my thoughts about these 2 images. I love the street scenes you’ve captured, they are very well processed and I particularly like the amber color glow lighting in the second image. They depict how other people are enjoying their lifestyles in a drawing/painterly result.

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Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @Laundromat, @tennie, @digital2006, @BobKramer, @ellemat2, @Kathy_9 and @cre8art, I really appreciate them and they are very encouraging!

It was a fun night to be taking photos, everyone was having a good time and the lighting was very nice. :smile:

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