Bradford Cathedral Steps - 2

LR and B&W Effects


Your B&W treatments are very appealing… nice work on this one.

thanks @cre8art - yes the style is evolving nicely

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Another very nice B&W

Nice work Terry.

Nice …

I really like what you have done with the processing.

I think the image could be improved by leaving little more room around the top, left and right edges so things do not look cut off.

Very nice image. Interesting composition.

@techman @Kathy_9 @AiDon @john811 @KenKv
Thanks for the positive comments.
Unfortunately at the exposure stage I croppped the image too tightly and so lost the crenalations at the top of the tower. Processing made this worse.
I have two solutions. The first is to crop the image further and deliberately to make it look intentional. The second is to return to the site and expose the photograph again.
Time will be the arbiter.

@el48tel Terry I wish I had all the shots back where I have done this or something similar. Recently I drove to a beautiful location early in the morning fro the Sun and to avoid people and took what I thought was a superb 180° panorama. After all the setup and processing I finally noticed a large plastic trash can sitting just off center in the frame. If I would have looked I could have easily put it behind me. I plan on returning in the Fall for the colors and will be more careful.

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Point taken
Bet you have not been out with an empty card slot and a dead battery then seen a magical scene

Not quite but I have gone out with an empty card slot.

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embarrassing and frustrating

Terry if we do this long enough I am sure we all can recount similar experiences.

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Larry I mourn the days of a freshly charged 35mm cassette and an SLR with manual shutter and no meter. If you got it wrong — you got it wrong and it was your fault.

Can I admit that I don’t really miss those days? I am still capable of messing up shots with a DSLR, too… :wink:

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Yes but I think the fact that you can see the image instantly the hit the delete button means that you are less focused. You only got one chance with film and then only saw the result once you got home and did the processing

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Perfect image for the n&w format. Good choice.

thanks @digital2006 - it was my original concept to take this image straight into B&W