Blurry VHS Video -- Conversion Suggestions

I used VEAI to up-convert an old VHS tape containing 8mm film displayed on a wall. I went from 480p to 1080p and the results are pretty amazing. I do run into issues where people turn into like little pieces of rectangles and trees or grass scenery in the background is good, but looks very patterned instead of more randomized.

Maybe these before and after shots can show what I mean. In the end – the moving video looks awesome, but can’t seem to find a way to make people look more curvy (yet still sharp) and vegetation to not looks so patterned. I’ve been using Artemis Low Video Quality. If I go with Medium, it doesn’t make a big enough difference in quality.

Regardless - no complaints here! My customers love the quality increase.

I also convert 480p movies that I took long ago from my personal collection and upconvert them and what I found is that, version 2.6.0 is a great improvement compared to the earlier days such as 1.5.0 that I had used in the past when they had the 30 day trial without the watermark. I’m now re-converting some of what I did with 1.5.0 now with 2.6.0 and like you said, the quality of the conversion is simply amazing. Trees and vegetation are more texturized and believable in 2.6.0 and people are more defined, though need more improvement such as like you said be more curvy or natural rather being a bit blocky like Lego set pieces when the video source is poor. Still, Artemis in 2.6.0 is a vast improvement to the older AI models in 1.5.0. My observation is that as Topaz train these models to become smarter, so will the quality improvement of the conversion I suppose.

If you are running a business and need to keep up with quality improvements, you may want to consider paying the yearly updates. I held off buying the software until recently, because I didn’t think the software was polished enough. I’m glad I held off as the recent version is not only faster with my GPU, but even better in converting older 480p sources and I could justify paying its asking price.

I’m actually holding off some conversions until a newer version which is coming out in December which supposedly have some Video IO improvements.

hi, I’ve been working on 8mm hi8 sd videos digitized with a digital8 dv camcorder for 6 years. The best solution for now for me, with vegas pro, in the project I deinterlace with the gpu, on the original video I apply neatvideo (slightly) and two or three accent filters, I produce the video in uncompressed avi or yuv 10 bit in SD by re-interlacing the video correctly. Then with veai, first pass: dione dv (sd 720x576), second pass: artemis alliased and moire (SD), third pass: proteus (HD). Then re-import the video and refine the settings and filters in vegas pro (neatvideo, bbc magik sharp, bbc details, bbc dvfixer, color corrector, unsharp mask, grain). (problem at the moment, dione tv and dione dv reproduce nory flickers on the movements).