Bloated and shocking file size!

I have downloaded images from my Sony A7RV. These are action shots taken in low light. they are originally around 65-75mb images, but when I use auto-pilot to clean all of them, a lot of them are exported with a 344 MB file size.

That is just crazy! is this even normal?

i just found out! when the camera is using the full-frame resolution, then apply auto -pilot the DNG export file end at 344mb

if its the APSC resolution, apply auto-pilot then the DNG file ends at 150+mb

that 344mb is just craaaaaazy, anyone know how to compress that?

its bloating up my lightroom and my drive.

Wow! I just checked and my 37MB files turn into 269MB files after running thru Photo AI. Checked my old DxO PureRaw files and they are roughly 200MB.

Note the DNG are NOT RAW files as they contain color information, profiles, fast load data etc., and no compression. Although you can compress them using the Adobe DNG converter.

Download the Adobe DNG converter from the Adobe website and run them through that, note the warning in the preferences though …

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Not unusual for a Raw file of that size, remember a RAW file ONLY contains sensor data and a preview. No color information, no pixel information … it is simply an unexpanded file that needs to be converted to a image file.

Right. Makes sense.

The DNG output file size is expected behavior. The original RAW file is likely compressed while our DNG export is full size and uncompressed so the output file is larger. We do not have access to a DNG compression algorithm as that is proprietary to Adobe.

As @AiDon said, if you need to decrease the DNG file size, use Adobe DNG Converter to compress the DNG file to a smaller size.