Blenheim Palace

Continuing my experimentation with B&W…

With a little color for good measure.


Both versions look great Larry …

Thanks Bob.

Your black and white processing is superb!

Nicely done and great B&W presentation … I would try removing the Keystone on the left that is there because of the perspectives, as it is distracting. But I guess it is more to do with the composition and the lens.

@AiDon, @Michael_Andre, @RatRodStudios thanks for looking. @AiDon thanks for the suggestion. I have several versions of this I am working with an may give that a go in one of them.

Great black and white rendition.
Colour version is excellent.

Thanks Terry.

Like both versions very much. At the small size version, the B&W has a slight sketch look to it.

This was not planned to have the sketch look when I started with the PP but one that I rather liked at the conclusion.
Thanks @cre8art for looking and commenting.

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Excellent work! I like both versions, but especially the BW one!

Thanks @KenKv