Blend Mode Lesson from Blake Rudis

Although, we would all benefit from playing with all of the Blend Modes, there are three of special significance: Normal, Luminosity and Color. If we choose Normal, we get both Luminosity and Color. If we choose Luminosity, we get Luminosity changes but no Color changes. And if we choose Color, we get Color changes without and Luminosity changes. Often the differences are subtle but still significant.


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You are probably right, Joe. Move it or delete it.

Could you link to the video you’re referring to? That would be helpful to the discussion, should someone else come across the thread.

One way that I make frequent use of the Luminosity blend is to copy the image and then select the new layer, treat it with Topaz B&W, then apply Luminosity to that B&W layer - gives great improvement of color depth to almost all images, and you can get many interesting effects by varying the form of B&W you use.


Ii used to do the same thing with Silver Efex.