Blacks & Whites detail missing

Loving Topaz Photo AI for upscaling however, there needs to be more detail in the black and white ares of a photo realistic image is this something that the developers can work on?

@soullapetrou Thanks for reaching out.

Can you upload a screenshot please? I’d like to see what you’re referring to and help troubleshoot or pass along information to our developers.

Hi Tim

Here are a couple of shots where the blacks are so dens there is no retrievable detail. I suspect this has more to do with Midjourney outputs rather than your software. Please see attached images.



Thanks for uploading that. Those are some great images!

I suspect you’re right, these have to do with the MidJourney output. We are working on some exposure and color related filters though so maybe that can help with the dark areas.

Once that’s out, we can re-evaluate how it performs on AI-generated images.