Black Friday Dual Bundle Upgrade Confusion

I own an older version of Video AI but not Photo AI. I see that the “Dual Bundle” offer for VideoAI and PhotoAI is for $99. If I just upgrade VideoAI it is $129. I’m a bit confused with the pricing models. Does the dual bundle deal include the upgrade licence for VideoAI or am I really just getting PhotoAI and not the VideoAI upgrade? It seems illogical to pay $129 just for the current VideoAI licence when I can pay $99 and get both VideoAI and PhotoAI. If it’s true, then why list both options?

Raise a support request at the main website this is a user to user forum.

I wish I’d been offered that Dual Bundle offer! I would have renewed in a minute. I have licenses for everything and was disappointed to find out that to renew Video AI 4 would cost $129, before renewing just Photo AI 2 updates ($74) for a total of $203. Looks like we are penalised for owning both, as now I notice the dual bundle is shaded out (already owned).

Frustrating. I even wrote to Topaz Labs about the pricing for owners of Video AI 4 and Photo AI is just as much as retail for new customers. And it turns out to be true. The Dual Bundle for new users is just $249.

I would have been happy to send Topaz $100 or even $120 to renew my dual bundle but it looks like Topaz Labs will have to live without my money and I will have to live without their software. I’m sorry about that.