Bitdefender antivirus software may prevent saving user-created Looks!

I recently discovered that the Bitdefender antivirus software had been preventing Topaz from saving Looks I created. I was able to save a couple of Looks when I first installed Topaz, but then suddenly lost the ability to save Looks and could not for the life of me figure out why. Finally, it occurred to me that I lost the ability to save Looks somewhere around the time I changed from Norton to Bitdefender antivirus, so I started poking around in the Bitdefender dashboard, and found a function called “Safe Files” on the “Protection Features” screen. Sure enough, Bitdefender had been blocking Topaz from making any changes to the My Looks folder. When I flipped the switch to allow Topaz access to the folder, I was immediately able to save, and then re-open, and find in File Explorer, my own Looks.

This is not an antivirus software behavior I’ve ever seen before in any of the software I’ve used, but it’s a good thing to know about going forward! Topaz customer service, please be aware of this so you can more quickly identify it as a possible problem in the future.