Birthday wishes?

(LesC) #1

Hey, I got birthday wishes today from Thanks a lot!
The only problem is: it’s not my birthday. My wedding anniversary is tomorrow, but where does this birthday (which is in March) come from? I can’t find any field in my profile where I could add such details.
Thanks for your reply.
Kind regards,

(Don) #2

I wouldn’t worry it about there isn’t any member of the forum with that email address … any other questions you can address through the ‘Email Us’ link above …

(LesC) #3

Thanks, Don, this would be the guy:

(Don) #4

I believe Eric left Topaz a while ago …

(LesC) #5

OK. Still strange that I receive birthday wishes on my unbirthday!
Keep up the good work, I will bother you no longer.
Kind regards,

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(Joe) #6

It’s a configuration left behind from a while ago. I’ll be ironing out little quirks like this over the summer =]

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