Biker Babe

Biker Babe

Sexy pinup model with piercing blue eyes stands by a vintage motocyle in an urban alley way.

Digital illustration I made on my computer using 3D apps (Daz3D Studio, Vue Complete) and Photoshop & Topaz Studio Impression.


Very creative work Ken. :thumbsup:

Creative and cool …

Brought up some thoughts…Before I got into the photography, I was obsessed with 3D Daz . I don’t want to think of what I spent on keeping my library up-to-date. The more realistic the models became, I had to have them. In fact, even tried my hand at creating the “skins” and sold a few. My equipment was never powerful enough to render scenes without taking all night so I didn’t get into that. Here is an updated version of one I did years ago that yours reminded me of.


Both images are extremely nice. Eleanore, your effect is very interesting.

VERY nicely done!