Better core utilization coming down the pipeline?

My workstation has a 2970WX. I’m a CAD Designer and my workload requires a beefy CPU and negligible GPU power. I know VEAI primarily is made for a GPU, but my little GTX 950 just isn’t up to the task and with the current shortages, upgrading my GPU just isn’t an option. When I try using my CPU to render, VEAI only uses 12 of my 48 threads. I know I cam just open more than one instance of the program and use the CPU affinity to spread the load, but that kinda feels like a hack and not a real solution, considering I would then have to split then recombine the video in a separate editor, and I want to keep compression artifacts at a minimum. Are there any plans for better core utilization?

Pictured: Task Manager mid-upscale


None of the video (GPU) cards currently available on Amazon are an option? Seems like that would be the least painful route to go unless I’m missing something.

Well CAD Designer, The current world events have everyone hurting. The gpu thing is going to last till the end of 2023 maybe later. Doing programming takes some time. And from what i under stand they don’t have a lot of people working on this program. So I suggest you go to your bank and pull a small loan and pay the price of a 3060 TI from E-bay. And if your are truly poor and can not afford to do that for your job then you are living out side your means.

I don’t mean to be a smart ass but you can find a video card bro.