Best workflow to sharpen HDR image series


I am new using Topaz tools. I hope I add this topic at the best place. I would like to know what each of you think about the best workflow to use for this specific case:

I take a bracketing images for HDR in an interior architectural subject with extreme opposite lights. This subject also have a great depth of field which is too long to get perfect focus even with small aperture. So I have to sharpen it.

Images are in .NEF. My usual workflow is Lightroom and Photoshop. What do you think is the best workflow using Topaz?

Processing as usual my 3 HDR images in Lightroom put them together and finishing them in Photoshop with a final .tiff image and processing it in Topaz or

Beginning my workflow in Topaz with each of my bracketed RAW images and follow this step by my usual workflow in Lightroom ti puit them together and finish the process in Photoshop?

Thank you