Best way to convert DNGs back to Tif?

I am shooting with an a7r4 which has native 60mb Compressed Raw images. If Topaz loads the raw file and creates a DNG, how big is it?

Can anyone recommend a workflow that takes advantage of the DNGs but converts them back to Tif files to save space? Some of the pictures are not that important and I could use the hard drive space.

You can do it by using your image editor (or indeed any other such as PS, AP, GIMP, etc.) and export/save as TIFF… if you search the internet there are lots of both online and offline apps to do that.

Or you can edit the original RAW or image in Photo AI standalone and save as TIFF.

I’m cautious of using any image editor.

What I’d like to do is have the option of sending a list of selected DNGs back to Topaz Ai when I’m done fine work.
Its a workflow solution. I’d like it to be best practice for image quality.

In that case the best workaround would be to process the raw photo with Photo AI and export as a TIF directly.

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