Best Topaz product for dust removal?

Hi everyone

I’m very impressed with the new suite of AI products that Topaz Labs is producing, but unless I’m missing something, a feature seems to be neglected - dust removal.

I have a flatbed scanner and it’s great for dust removal on transparencies and negatives using ICE (infra-red scan), but whenever I scan photographs I always end up with little bits of dust and fine pieces of lint splattered across the pictures.

I can remove them in manually in image editing, but it takes an absolute age to remove them by hand, dot by dot, it’s infuriating.

Photoshop has a dust removal tool but it’s pretty basic, the tiniest dots can be removed but make the tool any stronger and the picture starts blurring out, it’s impossible.

Does Topaz Labs have a tool, or have they announced a new AI product, that can effectively deal with dust and lint on prints without compromising the quality of the final result?

I should note, that I scan a lot of old black and white pictures so something that works on colour as well as monochrome/sepia would be most welcome.

If they have something already I’ll be over the moon!

Thank you in advance for any replies. :slight_smile:

I have used Topaz Clean in the past. Download a trial and see if it works for you, it is only a plugin though.

There is a dust removal preset in Simplify, if I remember rightly! :slight_smile:

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