Best Model, Settings for DVD (480p) Content?

Hi everyone,

I have two DVDs I would like to upscale to full HD 1080p.

Can anyone recommend settings and the best model to use?

I really have no idea.


I suggest the Proteus model. Ideal settings are individual for each video. :slight_smile:


As Imo says, settings will vary for each video. If the DVD has a season of a show, it’s usually the same adjustments episode to episode. But your initial setting will depend on the quality of the DVD transfer. I usually have to tweak “Revert Compression”, “Recover Details” and “Sharpen”. Do the side-by-side view after doing some adjustments and see how it looks. I focus on faces, specifically closeups to see the impact of the tweaks. I use Proteus Fine for most of my DVD projects.

If the DVDs are compilation of clips of different types, it would be best to use separate Proteus Fine Tune. You can use Auto-detect for start, then fine tune to get best results.
Proteus is best to set on a frame containing what you need to enhance the most - if you wish you have clearest closeups, do the setting on a frame containing a portrait. Good luck!

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Thanks very much for the input. I will have a play with settings, using Proteus.


Remember to de-interlace first :wink:

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